Md. Masum Billah

Md. Masum Billah(manager)

What’s special about Bangladeshi food culture and people’s order behaviour?

Bangladeshis love to eat, and they love to share their love of food with everyone around them. There’s an unspoken rule in Bangladesh that you can never visit someone’s house and leave without eating something. I think that these traditions influence the way that people order here. People use foodgarden because the platform lets them share a meal with their friends and family at any time regardless of how busy they are. During the pandemic, families have been able to enjoy their favorite meals safely at home and I think that has been a huge comfort for many.

network impact your business?

Becoming a part of Delivery Hero provided us at foodgarden Bangladesh with a wealth of experience from around the world. Access to an international knowledge base has given us immense insight into new concepts and innovations. I also think that being part of a global network has allowed us to be bolder and more innovative. Having the support of Delivery Hero means further improving our service is essential to meeting the global standards and attaining greater access to tools and experience.