Mr. Anukul D Costa

Mr. Anukul D Costa(masterchef)

What’s your favorite dish to order?

If I’m being honest, my favorite dish to order depends on the occasion. If I’m ordering for the whole family, I tend to order kacchi biryani, which is a famous Bangladeshi dish. It’s always a crowd pleaser and there are never any leftovers. If it’s for myself, I usually just order desserts or drinks since I’m a dessert instead of mains kind of person. Guilty as charged I guess!

What do you love most about your job?

I think what I love about my work is that it’s not a job but an opportunity to create, build and empower. I love the sense of accomplishment after we see our vision taking the shape in reality. The pace at which needs and wants evolve forces us to continuously innovate and move forward in ways that better serve all the users on our platform. Everything is so fast-paced that there is always room to grow and learn.

How have your teams responded to the challenges of Covid-19?

We have tried our best to keep everyone safe across the board. Remote working has been in place for months now. On top of that, we have introduced contactless delivery, shops, and pandamart (foodgarden cloud stores) in the midst of this pandemic in an effort to make life easier for our customers.