Md Habibullah

Md Habibullah(C.E.O)

Returning to my roots was my chance to create something that I loved, believed in, and could scale quickly.

We started with a small team of four at a small table in the Rocket office. Initially we had no money and I had to borrow money from my family to pay expenses. Our small collective worked hard to build the foundation that foodgarden stands on today. The drive and the passion still keeps us going with the same dedication as two years ago.

There are many challenges of starting a business in Bangladesh but I think the main one for us was logistics. We initially worked with a third party company, but eventually realized that the only way forward was to build our own robust logistics apparatus. I’m proud to say that the logistics tech at Delivery Hero has evolved a lot in the last few years to be one of the best.

In just the past few months, we saw how far our logistics operation had come based on how quickly we were able to expand operations across the country in the midst of a pandemic. Every day at foodgarden brings new and exciting challenges, and my team and I look forward to taking them on and learning from them.